About Toys and Joys

“The first and most important thing about goals, is having one”
-Geoffrey Albert

Our goal at Toys and Joys, Inc. is simple; We want to provide a product that gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to our customer. A plan / pattern of the highest quality, and one that is easy to work with, which allows our customer to be successful with the finished product. We want to provide them with outstanding service, and knowledgeable customer support.

We want the absolute best for our customer. For them to build the best, We must be the best! May our toys be your joys!

Toys and Joys would like to share our large selection of woodworking project patterns with you. Choose from our wide selection of Cars, Trucks, Trains, different types of Construction Equipment, Children’s Toys, Cody’s Cruisers and some unique Miscellaneous Patterns.!!!

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