Mike Bowen – Snohomish, WA

Mike used our school bus pattern # 68, and converted it to stub nose model. Great job Mike, the bus looks awesome. It’s nice to see addittions, and modifications to the plans

Richard Schmidt – Williamston, MI

Richard has the Locomotive-Tender looking pretty good! Great job with the train Richard! Oh, Richard, You look awesome for 82 years old! Richard’s complete train.

Jerry Hall – Ravenna, NE

Jerry has a nice combination of his Low Boy Trailer, Peterbuilt Tractor, & Cat Dozer. He also did a Great job with his old D9 Cat.  Keep up the good work Jerry!

Bernard Anderson – Danvers, MA

Bernard has a nice collection of models. He has done a nice job with painting them. That is a whole new art getting it right. Great job with the Woodie!

Walter Kuhn – Quaker Hill, CT

Walt is the first customer to send in the new Freightliner Dump Truck. Walt, Great job!  Walt has built just about all of our patterns.  Thanks, Walt!

Mike Rohrbach – Portland, OR

We get lots of requests for a heavy duty trailer. This is one that Mike made for some of his heavy equipment. Great job Mike! Keep us posted on your latest model. Mike used 64 truck wheels on this trailer.

Joseph Delia – Lake City, FL

Joseph sent us this picture of his Mack Tow Truck that he made a few years back. We had a lot of positive comments on it. Thanks Joseph!

George & Brenda Richards – Gainsboro, TN

George & Brenda have been Great customers of Toys and Joys for a long time. As you can see, George has built lots of our models. Great job George, keep up the Great work!!

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